The Sweet Collectible Artwork

of Matt McKee

The Collection

About Sweet Blasts!

The Genesis!

The Sweet Blast! series germinated during an afternoon browsing through a magazine. On one page, there...

The Series!

Sweet Blast! is a series of limited edition, collectible, photographs of delicious, “perfect” food, combined with...

The Pieces!

Each piece is printed on polished aluminum sheets, using dye sublimation, and is signed and numbered....

Matt McKee!

Matt McKee creates photographic images that start conversations. Whether it is the candy colored fruit grenades...

Sweet Blasts Collectible Limited Edition

Where to find Sweet Blasts!

Canvas Fine Arts Group

Located in Back Bay Boston. Call for appointment: (617) 470-1889

Sweet Blasts! are fun. And, yet, there is something subversive about them, too!

Suzanne S.

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